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Topwin Universal Programmer Software 18 |BEST| -

Topwin Universal Programmer Software 18 |BEST|

Topwin Universal Programmer Software 18 |BEST|

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Topwin Universal Programmer Software 18

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. Topwin Universal Programmer. PDF. Topwin Universal Universal Programmer. 1305 views..Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, and it’s the cause of that annoying halation you see in your photos when the Sun is behind you. It doesn’t block sunlight so much as it reflects it. Because the light is returned to the same place it came from. Usually, the Sun is in front of you and the reflection is on the moon. Mercury is so close to the Sun, however, that some of the sunlight is returned straight back to Earth.

In addition, because the planet’s orbital period is so close to the Earth’s, it doesn’t move far from the Earth and can be seen at all phases of the Moon and near sunrise and sunset. Since the planet can’t be seen until it is closest to the Earth, people have suggested to make it a full-stop or dot in a time exposure to photograph the planet.

If you are interested in how the photograph was taken, you have to know that the planet is under 0.07 AU on the present 21st November 2005. This distance is approximately 54.6 million km. Now for a comparison, the distance from the Earth to the Moon is only 384,400 km. But back to the planets:

The Sun is currently under 1 AU, or about 93 million km, from the Earth. The next closest planet is Venus with a distance of 0.72 AU or about 63.9 million km. The average distance between the Earth and Venus is 0.72 + 0.07 ÷ 2 = 0.57 AU or about 54.7 million km.

Even at this distance, the light from the Sun is still reflected from the planet and returns to Earth. The Moon, on the other hand, has an average distance of 0.37 AU from the Earth. It is easier to see the Moon’s light filtered through the atmosphere, and the atmosphere makes it clear when the light is reflected by the Moon or the other way around. The Earth and Moon can be seen in the same photograph.

The sixth closest planet is Mercury, as mentioned earlier. The distance between Mercury and the Earth is very close, only 0.31 AU or about 28.6 million km. This means that the planet is moving fast to get to the right distance to reflect sunlight to Earth. This picture was taken at phase 0.43 on the 4th December 1991, which means Mercury was at its closest point


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