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Smacc V5.0 Crack.rar Fix -

Smacc V5.0 Crack.rar Fix

Smacc V5.0 Crack.rar Fix



Smacc V5.0 Crack.rar

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Smacc V5.0 crack.rar
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Javascript Loading Issue

I’m trying to get my JS to process external files properly. I’m loading the files (js and css) from the root of the site, but I am not getting them in the order they’re listed.
First, my css file is not showing up. Then I get the js file, but it processes it, and after a while it goes back to the beginning of the script.

The sequence of output:
my JS file:
function loadMyFile()
var myFile = document.createElement(« script »);
myFile.src = « js/file.js »;
document.getElementsByTagName(« head »).item(0).appendChild(myFile);

And the css file:


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