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Ozrenbilanakustikaprostorija ((EXCLUSIVE)) -

Ozrenbilanakustikaprostorija ((EXCLUSIVE))




Looking to start a project, but I don’t have money. In which country will it be wise to do research and development?

Basically, I want to start a college project related to car mechanics. It’s a school project, not a business project.
What I want to do is to approach companies in other countries, and suggest my idea. I have to order materials, get them delivered. The manufacturer has to be reliable and authorized to produce a car.
But I have no money. I am based in Germany, but my company will be in Portugal (same country, same currency, but with lower taxes).
In my country there are two rules that I am wondering if they apply also in other countries.

100% of money is considered income. So if I am based in Germany and I make a car for in Portugal, I have to pay over 75% of taxes. I won’t be able to pay the taxes and sell the car in Portugal.
I have a contract with my company, and as long as I don’t order anything and I don’t make money the contract is considered an idea, which can be disregarded after the end of the contract. If I have a contract until the end of the college year, I won’t be able to do what I want, because the contract will be considered an income at the end of the year.

If these rules are valid in Germany, do they apply to other countries?


As the accepted answer suggests, most or all EU countries would be aligned regarding taxation.
From that, I’d speculate that your contract would still be considered an idea during the startup phase, so you could take your production idea to the EU Commission and see if there’s an avenue for assistance. They might be able to help you to get your contacts, or help you in contacting them.
It might also be possible for you to get some of the money from your company back in a more streamlined manner, depending on your country and the company.

A loving husband, a beloved stepdaughter and a quick, witty wit: Brooklyns’ Daniel Faulkner was a man whose life touched so many. See the many photos of the Regan family

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20 Feb 2019.

What to do?


Docker images are very particular. They have a very strict architecture.
That architecture means that none of the information from the image is exposed by running a container from that image. This is critical to be able to reuse images and to run on different platforms.
Docker images are composed of a Dockerfile and a Docker Registry. The Dockerfile is used when creating an image. It has one or more commands that tell Docker how to build the image. It specifies the tags and image name of the image to be built and the operating system it should be built on. It also specifies the content of the file system root. So we can see that the Content of the Dockerfile is
RUN touch /myimage.txt
ENTRYPOINT [« ./entrypoint.sh »]

In a Dockerfile, RUN tells Docker to run a command. Using. that tells Docker to build the image in the current directory. COPY tell Docker to copy a file from the local directory into the container’s image.
ENTRYPOINT tells Docker which command to execute when the container starts.
What this means is that we are using a regular image built in the local directory with its content copied into the container. The container starts up with nothing installed, and the entrypoint script you specified inside the Dockerfile will be executed.

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