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A bill that would create a pilot program for paying small businesses for their business tax liability is making its way through the Senate.

While many business owners say they don’t know what the bill will actually mean for their bottom line, they say they are inclined to think that, on average, it will reduce their tax bill.

The bill, passed by the House in 2015, would create a pilot program for the Hoosier Small Business Credit Program that would allow small businesses to pay a flat-rate of $100 per employee (or $200 per employee if the business makes over $500,000 a year) to the state in exchange for a credit against their 2018 tax liability.

“This would be a very reasonable-priced program because it’s not based on any income stream – it’s based on the wage that an employer actually pays,” said Sen. Karen Tallian, R-DeMotte, who is working with the Indiana Chamber to support the bill, along with Senate Bill 386.

Sen. Karen Tallian, R-DeMotte

“The $100 for an individual is really like a monthly payment plan for small businesses; it’s not really an investment, it’s more of a payment plan.”

While the program is expected to reduce the total amount of business tax paid by businesses, Tallian said, “what you’d pay is what you would have paid if the government would have gone and done it for you.”

As a pilot program, the tax bill that small businesses pay every year, known as “dormant,” will not be capped, and will not be reduced. However, instead of paying on a declining scale, the bill would be capped at the same amount as it is now, in the $75 million range, allowing for greater equity among the participating small businesses.

Tallian said the idea for


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The three-dimensional structure of human carbonic anhydrase III (hCAIII) in complex with Co(H2O)3(+) or tetrathiafulvalene-metal complexes (also known as the EPR-labeling compound TTF-Co(III)) has been determined at 2.1 and 2.8 A resolution, respectively. While the three-dimensional structure of hCAIII bound to these ligands appears quite similar to that of the human enzyme, the two zinc atoms bound in the active site of hCAIII seem to be inaccessible when hCAIII is in complex with Co(H2O)3(+) or TTF-Co(III). In addition, three crystal structures of hCAIII in complex with tetrathiomolybdate-metal complexes (also known as the cyano-labeling compound murexide) or with tetrathiafulvalene-metal complexes were determined. These complexes were chosen on the basis of the dissimilar coordination patterns exhibited by the metal ligands. Whereas murexide has been shown to coordinate only the active site zinc atoms of hCAIII, TTF-Co(III) exhibits a coordination pattern similar to that observed in hCAII. TTF-Co(III) binds in the active site of hCAIII, with one of the TTF-metal ligand molecules binding to a catalytic zinc ion (nucleophilic) and the second metal ligand molecule coordinating both a catalytic zinc ion and a nickel ion (electrophilic). Molecular dynamics simulations were used to study the general properties of hCAIII. Similar to hCAII, the metal binding regions of hCAIII are quite flexible. With the exception of the zinc binding region, the predicted temperature-dependent relaxation times of the flexible metal binding regions (metal-accessible solvent sites) and the catalytic domain (where the metal binding site would be located) of hCAIII are similar to those predicted for hCAII. The predicted temperature-dependent secondary structure of hCAIII was very similar to that observed for hCAII and hCAIIXI.Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s current-gen follow-up, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, has been cancelled, Square Enix has


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