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JBookShelf License Keygen 2022 -

JBookShelf License Keygen 2022

Sure enough the computer managed to evolve and become a multifunctional tool. However, regular activities adapted as well. For instance, books are now found in electronic format. With the right set of applications like JBookShelf it’s easy to keep a record of your entire collection, and even read entries.
Visual design and portability perks
On the one hand, the application doesn’t even need to be installed in order to function, and you can easily store it on a thumb drive in case you want to carry the entire collection with you. On the other hand, the target computer needs to be equipped with Java Runtime Environment to ensure functionality.
The workspace is empty by default. You can set a default working directory so it’s automatically scanned for new items. However, you still need to go through the process of manually adding each item. The dedicated dialog isn’t difficult to use, with a few fields to fill in such as book name, author, category, file, as well as the default viewer, which can be internal or an application of choice.
General layout and extra tools
All entries show up in an organized environment with tabs to quickly access books, authors, and categories. There’s also a search field which allows you to easily look up items of interest, including content. Each book can be fitted with one or more notes. For more info, a dedicated function brings up your web browser with Google results.
The database can be backed up and imported later on. All files you open with the editor are marked as read, but this can be changed. The viewer helps keep track of reading sessions through a built-in bookmarks manager.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that JBookShelf is a neat tool with which to keep your electronic books in order. The visual design is appealing and quickly gets you up and running. File support might not be an advantage here, but portability and online lookup tools are sure to come in handy.







JBookShelf Crack 2022 [New]

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JBookShelf Crack +

Tired of search for the right words in order to find something interesting? You just need to know what you are looking for, and you won’t need to drill down into subcategories or search online. This is particularly so when you are looking for a specific book, that is not exactly located in a precise section.
JBookShelf Cracked Version comes to the rescue, and it is a lightweight application that will take care of your book collection with little effort. A straightforward interface is all you need to add the books you want, and categorize them as you wish.

JBookShelf Activation Code Usage:

Download and install JBookShelf on your PC. The application only requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Browse to jbookshelf.sh file. This is the main executable, which will let you define and manage your book collection. The application has a versatile interface, with an active workspace that presents a full list of entries, and a search field that makes it easy to find any book you want.

To add a book, you need to edit the “ads” file, which you will find in the “workspace”.

Right-click on a folder and select “New book”.

Fill out the details as you wish, and click “Save”.

Note: This step is optional, but it’s important. It will define the location of the “workspace” and “ads” folder, which will be created later on.

To manage your book collection, click on “Edit ads” and modify the options. A new tab will open, where you can change book categories, filenames, file format, as well as the default book reader.

JBookShelf Features:

Simple interface

Fast and efficient

Book labels and notes


Image viewer and web searcher

Video viewer and online search engine


Free trial version

Additional options for backup and restore

Import and export of data

JBookShelf Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8


For an extra speed boost, try LightWorks (200 MB free) or Delve (60 MB free).

Contact the developer:

Be sure to add review this app and recommend it to your colleagues.Tuesday

JBookShelf Free

JBookShelf is a handy tool for organizing and accessing the countless books you have around you. It is more than a book management system; it is an organizer that will save you many hours trying to find a book from an extensive collection. Besides the actual management of your books, JBookShelf allows you to read books directly in the program.

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What’s New In JBookShelf?

Simple and customizable app to manage all your book files.
– Quickly find books to read
– Add, delete, and rename book in your library
– Export your list of books to a.txt file in cloud storage
– Sort by books, authors, categories, files
– Add notes on books
– Bookmarks and bookmarks support
– Notepad compatibleBogus Bitbucket Server update blocks Apache

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System Requirements For JBookShelf:

Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Intel CPU only
You are recommended to have at least 4GB of RAM
No Windows, or any other operating systems installed
You need to have a microphone to play songs with mouse+keyboard or a USB music player connected to your computer
Installing & running the software is simple, just follow the instruction
(1) Download the High-resolution video here :


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