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Gjej Password Te Facebook -

Gjej Password Te Facebook

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Gjej Password Te Facebook

The content of the variable has a specific structure – the text is a HTML code which has a string of other text elements separated by special markers. So to use a regex on the variable would be a bad idea.
Note that if the string contains new line and tab characters, you’ll need to trim them before applying your regex.
The following is basically the same as the snippet above, but it does not trim the strings and it will match the whole string if it contains new lines or tabs. So you could alter the regex a bit to only match a specific section of the string.
import re

data =  »
test text


pat = r'([^]*)’

data_match = re.search(pat, data)

print data_match.group(0)

However, in the real world, I would advise against using regex for this, and instead make use of dedicated tool or library for that.
Why use regex?
Using regex you can have potentially complex strings within your regex pattern, and also have very detailed control over what is matched, including re-writing and manipulating the string using backreferences.
But it is also very open to malicious attacks through string obfuscation – where the string is changed in a way which makes it difficult to see the structure or what is happening. For this reason, you usually can’t just match the whole string using regex.
Why not use a string parsing library?
In practice, for a simple string parsing problem like this, it is much easier to use dedicated tool – instead of re-inventing the wheel. There are lots of string parsing libraries on Python’s standard library. I usually use Python’s itertools.groupby and itertools.takewhile here:
from itertools import groupby, takewhile

def get_match(data):
elements = [ »,  »,  »,  »]
for element in elements:
match = re.findall(element, data)
if match:
yield match

for match in


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