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Dec 11, 2015 – neldayl b7f02f1a74 1 week ago Reply. I put vin10 and it works fine.
Who cares anyway, it doesn’t matter.
1 week ago Reply.
I put in win10 and everything works fine.
Who cares anyway, whatever.
I put in win10 and it all works fine.
It doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t really matter.
It doesn’t really matter, I don’t care.



You can post the code here.
c[i][5] = n*a[i]*n;
c[i][6] = a[i]*n*n;
c[i][7] = a[i]*a[i]*n;

When you multiply a matrix (n*a[i]*n) by a scalar (n), the i and i^2 terms are also multiplied by n. That’s why they become larger.
You can instead do
c[i][5] = n*a[i];
c[i][6] = n*a[i]*n;
c[i][7] = n*a[i]*a[i];

c[i][5] = n*a[i];
c[i][6] = n*a[i]*n;
c[i][7] = n*a[i]*a[i];

But that latter one is worse than the first one, because it lets you cross term such as a[i]*a[i]*n, etc.
Anyway, the lesson is that things will be faster when you store the answers separately from the multiplications.
Also, if you happen to have the precalculated c[i] already, it’s faster to store the data in that structure as opposed to storing the answers. This is true of both the former and later methods.

But I forgot that I had a presentation on Friday.

Not that I’m worried, as I always have a good time at those things. They’re a good place for meeting people who share common interests and meeting as well as coworkers who I can always rely on to be smart and patient. The presentations can be bad, I admit – especially when I’m judging a competition.

But the presentations I enjoy are the one thing that I didn’t really get to do during my training. One of the things I love about research is the ability to do something that no one else has done before. That doesn’t mean I’m always the first, but I’m always the first to come up with new ideas, new directions, and new ways of thinking about something.

So my presentation this week was a particular good time. I was doing a


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